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WHAT WE DO: skills training

Leadership Courses

Creating high performance teams and sustainable cultures

A leaders values, behaviours and attitudes create the organisations culture and impact team members daily

We focus on the fundamental principles of leadership coaching:

  • Self awareness through leadership 360 surveys
  • Resilience and emotional intelligence driven
  • Create, communicate and achieve a compelling strategic vision
  • Engage, influence and inspire others to follow and act
  • Authentic in collaborative management scenarios
  • Adaptable and flexible to build long-term, sustainable and trusting relationships internally and externally

Each leadership course is customised to address your workplace challenges and aspirations using a combination of:

  • Analysis
  • Team facilitated sessions
  • Leadership 360 surveys
  • Individual leadership coaching
  • World acclaimed methodologies and assessment tools

With business clarity, an executive leadership team can begin to create a high performance culture.

We help establish change management strategies to build on the experience and expertise of your people, to embrace diversity and to focus on “being of service” to customers and each other - strategies that "fit" with your organisation.

Leadership executive coaching is known to reduce costs associated with low employee morale, poor performance, sick leave, stress issues, attrition and recruitment


  • Strategic business objectives are clarified and achieved
  • Retention levels, productivity and motivation are increased
  • Company communication transparency is enhanced
  • Innovation/creativity is embraced and rewarded
  • Working relationships improve

Our leadership courses develop leaders to their full personal and business potential.

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