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Leadership Executive Coaching

Leadership Executive Coaching Course

Leadership Executive Coaching

Moveo’s Leadership Executive Coaching Course focuses on all dimensions of an individual. We assess core skill competencies, attitudes, behaviours, and thinking and communication preferences (through leadership 360° surveys, analysis and feedback). We dive deep into constructed belief systems and personal values, which reveal themselves everyday at both work and home.

In today's highly complex and competitive work environment the key differentiators are often not the product, strategy, corporate processes or operations; the real significant stand out factor are the people. The leaders values create the organisational culture, the attitude towards themselves, team members and customers, the behaviours that show up in every daily interaction, whether face-to-face, over the phone, via email, video conferencing or any other communication medium, impact your business.

Enhancing an individual's ability to lead, influence and create transformation around them will generate outstanding results. It will lead to increased productivity, employee motivation, and customer engagement and in many cases significant ROI and shareholder results.

Are you building on your employees' strengths?

The majority of clients who receive our leadership executive coaching courses have been identified as "key champions" within their organisation.

Movéo's leadership executive coaches are drawn from a highly reputable network of professionals. All have a wealth of coaching experience, qualifications and exceptional testimonials to support their results

The duration of the tailored leadership courses is six to nine months, supported with face-to-face sessions every two to three weeks, email and telephone support and coachee assignments.

Values based leadership 360 Degree Surveys and Feedback

We use leadership 360 surveys and one-on-one interviews from a diverse range of people to provide the attitudinal and behavioural mirror that can create the necessary impetus for the individual to change. We focus on a coachee's true values, turn on their "internal generators", provide clarity around their business and personal objectives and (if appropriate) align individuals with an organisation's direction/desired results. We harness creativity to help create a compelling vision and expose limiting beliefs that can hinder success. Gaps in core skill competencies are addressed via real business case scenarios that are pertinent to the individual. Positive Psychology, establishing Structural Tension and Appreciative Inquiry are key methodologies used to strengthen an individual's self-worth and build on their existing assets.


  • Benchmark via leadership 360° survey feedback and re-evaluate after 12 months
  • Assess current attitudes, behaviours, competencies and deliverables
  • Develop self-awareness of the impact our actions and perspectives have on others
  • Deliver more value to team members by understanding their real needs
  • Turn on individual's "internal generators" and communicate the appropriate behavioural shifts required to align with the organisation's strategic objectives
  • Enhance behaviours and attitudes influence and persuasion skills to create long-term customer sustainability
  • Be more accountable and responsible
  • Take a more proactive approach- "Acting not acted upon"
  • Be more confident in managing highly diverse, intelligent teams
  • Develop trust, commitment and loyalty (retention) from employees

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