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Leadership Coaching

New team member - 90 day leadership coaching program

The first 90 days are often the toughest!

2 out of every 5 CEO's fail in their first 18 months. Harvard Business Review, 2005

34% of senior level executives
30% of sales executives
25% of marketing executives
23% of operations executives fail in their first 18 months
Manchester Inc., 2001

Support your management team's members first 90 days with exceptional Leadership Coaching

  1. Do you have a new member in your management team?
  2. Are they clear about YOUR expectations and focused on delivering their KPI's?
  3. Are they politically savvy to the way things get done in your organisation?
  4. Have they built a clear, compelling value proposition and business case to move forward?
  5. Are they networking (internally/externally) to establish deep relationships?
  6. Have they acclimatised to the cultural fit of your organisation?
  7. Are they listening effectively and sensitive to the needs of other team members?
  8. Have they established trust amongst the team?
  9. Are they collaborating efficiently with all team members?

If you answered No to any of the questions, then your new team member potentially needs Moveo’s leadership executive coaching

Integrating into a new management team can be a challenging process. Ideally, a manager needs to listen empathically, learn with objectivity and build key strategic alliances both internally and externally. Furthermore, while grasping your organisation's strategy, products and competitive arena, he/she is simultaneously juggling matrix reporting lines and expectations (coming from above and below), all whilst trying to memorise numerous people, places and other essential details.

To minimise recruitment costs, maximise team member's productivity and save you time, we recommend a 90-day intensive leadership coaching programme focused on:

  • Self-development via leadership 360 surveys and leadership coaching
  • Team development via facilitated team development sessions
  • Business strategy via facilitated team and individual leadership coaching

All programmes are customised to meet your organisational strategy and the individuals needs.

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