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Leadership Courses

Creating high value, authentic management teams

  • Do you want to understand your team members intimately, challenge and motivate them appropriately?
  • Would you like to communicate consistently from their thinking preference to enhance the relationship?
  • Has your management team been restructured, part of a buy-out or merger situation recently?
  • Do you have unknown members on your team?
  • Are you a new CEO/MD trying to manage a diverse group of challenging senior players?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this session will help you understand, recognise, communicate and fully participate with all team members to leverage optimum results.

Leadership courses overview

A leader, who is able to adapt their communication style, flexibly address widely disparate groups of employees and cross boundaries of traditional hierarchical management will be an effective leader. Collaborative, authentic leadership will ensure the future success of your organisation.

Moveo leadership courses focus on self-awareness, building and mending relationships, while collaboratively addressing change management issues.

Using the widely acclaimed US "Appreciative Inquiry" methodology, we build on the successful core competencies and stories of the team. We focus on the future positive potential of the organisation and create a compelling strategy and guiding principles to move members forward.

Furthermore, we use HBDI™ (the world's leading thinking styles assessment tool). It highlights the value of diversity, acknowledges the need to adapt communication styles and helps us to understand why individuals will always operate from their preferences.

We develop emotional competencies/strategies to positively harness team diversity and harmonise potentially high conflict situations.

"Creating high value, authentic management teams" may be used as a preliminary session before developing the organisation's new business strategy.

The group is then ideally placed to create a strategic plan full of initiatives that bypass the previously damaging power games and politics.


  • Increased self-knowledge, leveraging emotional intelligence
  • Ability to acknowledge and capitalise on groups positive core potential
  • Ability to recognise groups communication and thinking diversities

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