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WHAT WE DO: skills training

Leadership Coaching

Key Champions Accelerated Leadership Coaching Courses


Fast track your future leaders expertise, helping them to become:

  • Self aware
  • Emotionally resilient
  • Motivated/ optimistic
  • Strategic and focused
  • Influential and persuasive
  • Connected to a well developed network (internal/ external)

We tailor leadership programmes specifically designed to identify tomorrow's leaders.

Through competency assessments, (leadership 360 surveys attitudinal and behavioural diagnostic testing,) we are able to benchmark and identify where your key talents/strengths exist and how to shift behaviours, attitudes and expertise for future business demands.

Customised leadership courses are delivered over the course of a year or via a 5-day intensive residential programme.

Key champions will create a development plan based on their leadership 360 surveys to monitor performance, take accountability and continually raise the bar.

The coachee takes responsibility for their career growth, stretches and challenges themselves, in a stimulated environment and grows rapidly in intellect, emotional and social intelligence.

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