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Facilitation Skills

This workshop shows you how to stay non-judgmental and neutral in situations when you clearly have an opinion and objective in facilitating the session. Learn how to stimulate discussion, extract information and keep everybody on track to achieve the desired outcomes and action points. Demonstrate your expertise and authority through clearly establishing your role and minimising conflict.

Key topics

  • The role of the group/the facilitator
  • The right environment to develop rapport and significant outcomes
  • Do's and don'ts of facilitating
  • Group process tools and process design
  • The art of listening
  • Conflict resolution - let everybody have an opinion
  • Facilitator behaviours
  • HBDI™ preference and its role in understanding how to engage everybody in the group
  • SOCIT discovery/questioning techniques to recognise, uncover and develop needs and gain commitment to action plans
  • Six key principles of influence


  • Take the leadership role of authority in a dynamic group scenario
  • Analyse and strategise the desired approach and outcomes for a facilitation session
  • Design a facilitation session including flow of exercises, information capture mediums and action plans
  • Establish your facilitator's elevator pitch to develop authority
  • Create structural tension amongst the group to create a strong desire to achieve outcomes
  • Learn tips and tricks to keep group dynamics on track
  • Create whole-brained HBDI™ facilitated sessions
  • Develop group role behaviours above and below the line to minimise conflict
  • Act naturally and with confidence when leading a group

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