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B2B Sales Training

Winning on the phone

Getting the meeting - the first time!

If you are a business person who has ever picked up the phone in order to develop business and wondered, "What do I need to say to guarantee I gain agreement?" this workshop is a must.

Winning on the phone is a highly experiential (learn by doing) workshop where participants work on real examples of prospective customers so that they can apply what is learned immediately.

Participants are introduced to the Warm Call Planner™. A four-step process that, when followed, virtually guarantees you get the meeting, first time, even with the most senior and time-poor customers.

Also covered in the workshop are strategies for getting through "gatekeepers", ways to develop referrals when you may not have one and options on how to warm up the call through email, mail and networking.

As part of this workshop participants are also introduced to Dr Robert Cialdini's 6 laws of "Instant Influence". These extremely powerful, well researched, behavioural compliance techniques can be (ethically) used to gain agreement to requests either face-to-face influencing as well as over the phone.


  • Never "cold call" again!
  • Get the meeting every time with decision-makers
  • Set up the meeting as a discovery session not a selling session
  • Know how to get through "Gate-keepers" effectively and ethically
  • Get to "yes" in less than a minute

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