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WHAT WE DO: skills training

Turning Learning into Action- Ongoing telephone Coaching

Are you making the most of your training budget?

We have all attended training programmes with great facilitators, excellent methodologies and beautiful workbooks, finishing on the last day, with the best of intentions to practice and implement our new found skills.

However, gradually time pressures, work overload and previous habits start to slip back into our daily routines.

Post workshop - we highly recommend business coaches who can go beyond behavioural aspects and delve into a person's inner beliefs, values, thoughts and feelings. Coaches who are qualified to shift attitudes around the changes that need to be addressed.

Change happens over time

We help individuals take accountability for their own goals, assist in target setting and encourage them to trial these new learnings and methodologies. With an objective coach close by, even the largest "roadblocks" can be managed and overcome.

Maximise your training budget

Four, one-hour telephone coaching sessions over two months post training, helps embed key learnings and initiatives.


Participants average uplift 16.2% after attending a workshop. Those who attended "Turning Learning into Action" coaching- experienced 43.5% uplift.

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