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WHAT WE DO: skills training

Leadership Coaching

Team-centric sales coaching


We help sales managers develop the best in their people. Often sales directors/ managers are technically brilliant, but self-taught managers. Some have the innate performance ability to deliver exactly what their team members need, whilst others flounder. We specialise in providing effective insight, unwrapping the mystery surrounding leadership and encourage them to manage a highly diverse, intelligent , reflective, sometimes challenging team to deliver exceptional sales targets.


  • Understand and recognise team members values and core motivators to align and reinforce change.
  • Develop trust, commitment and loyalty among the team.
  • Communicate openly about complex conflict issues in the form of constructive feedback, without invoking defensiveness.
  • Understand the transtheoretical model of change, people need to go through, to be comfortable with change and feel in control.
  • Be able to monitor individual key performance indicators (both tangible and intangible).
  • Align the individual's aspirations with business and departments strategic objectives.
  • Learn to disengage from the emotional turbulence and conflict that can occur, while still remaining empathic and understanding.
  • Lead, develop and coach your people
  • Assess reward and recognition incentive programme to align team's behaviours with KPI's and desired culture.

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