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WHAT WE DO: skills training

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation skills breakdown of content:

Planning Communications

Participants are introduced to a three-step process to plan any business communication. Each step is illustrated by using examples of how it has been used to produce successful business communications.

Listener Analysis

Participants learn how to effectively position themselves and their ideas by developing a depth of understanding the individuals they communicate to. Participants learn to recognise different types of listeners, their communication preferences, their key business and emotional drivers and their "stage of change". Strategies are then discussed and developed that tailor the approach based on real situation analysis.

Structuring Communications

Participants learn how to use the Communication Planner™ to plan and structure future communications in half the time and how to use it to make effective impromptu communications, for example: providing an instant situation update or answering tough questions and how to ensure the presenter always stays on track and in control. Each participant leaves the course with a Communication Planner pad that is used by business people around the globe to plan effective communications and presentations.

Persuasive Language

Effective business communications do more than inform, they create change (in behaviour and/or attitude). Participants are introduced to a three-step process that turns standard, ineffective information into persuasive information. This is applied to client-based communication scenarios and then used to develop a persuasive business presentation.

Delivery Skills

Your body language talks louder than you do! Participants learn how to harness eye contact to develop perceptions of confidence, conviction and comfort and how to capitalise on that power when communicating one on one or to large groups. Through exercises and coaching, participants learn how to better engage audiences using body language, as well as how to overcome common mistakes in these areas.

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