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Negotiation skills

For most business people, negotiation is a necessity, not an option; yet few of us arm ourselves with the skills to get what we want without negatively affecting the relationship.

Based on in-depth research of what makes great negotiators, this workshop provides you with practical negotiation skills and concepts that will help you get what you want through a collaborative approach, rather than stubborn haggling over positions.

Every basic lesson ever learned by negotiators is discussed and participants are provided with a planning sheet that helps them analyse a real client situation, strategise an approach and apply key concepts through role-plays.

Key concepts include:

  • Not bargaining over positions
  • Separating people from the problem
  • Understanding who has the power
  • Insist on objective criteria
  • Understanding all parties Best Alternatives to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
  • Being aware of social influence pressures
  • Recognising when not to negotiate


  • Leverage knowledge to develop rational strategic plan (BATNA)
  • Remain calm and not involved in the emotional charge of the relationship piece
  • Establish and develop power levers
  • Use social influence pressures effectively

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