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A few well-chosen words to a journalist can go a long way in boosting your chance of success. Badly chosen words can mean disaster

The mass media holds a powerful position in Australian society. Research shows that Australian business managers are more afraid of facing a television camera or undertaking a live radio interview than of dismissing an employee. It can be a threatening and uncomfortable experience, yet it doesn't have to be.

An understanding of journalistic style and the workings of the mass media is vital when preparing yourself for an interview. Using a memorable sound "grab" and not cluttering your answers with meaningless data are just two components of a winning formula.

This Workshop can be undertaken in 2 different formats:

Format - 1/2 day

A 3-5 hour coaching session for those who have had some media experience, yet want to brush-up their skills and learn new techniques. Camera practice / feedback included.


  • Learn to take control of media interviews so as to be the expert rather than a victim
  • Prepare for an interview quickly and with confidence
  • Prepare interesting and meaningful interview grabs relevant to organisation or issue
  • Learn the current 2008 timing needs of different media in order to prepare responses in advance
  • Learn how to bend or stall a question and the formula for communicating key messages
  • Learn some new tricks of journalism so as to be prepared for unexpected questions
  • Gain confidence through valuable front-of-camera practice
  • Receive feedback on your practice session + a take-home DVD of your experience.

Format - Full day

A single day workshop that provides comprehensive training in the theory of news, media technique and front-of-camera/journalist contact (5 participants max).

Outcomes - All of the above PLUS:

  • Learn the theory and workings of the mass media
  • Learn what makes "news"
  • Prepare for the unexpected in talkback radio
  • Understand the legalities of dealing with journalists
  • Be challenged by a working journalist to help build skills.

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