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WHAT WE DO: skills training

Influence and Persuasion Training

Influence and persuasion skills

  • Understand, influence and manage customers
  • Build stronger, more profitable relationships
  • Be positioned as a valued solutions provider

This workshop is based on more than 12 years intensive research into the science and practice of influence and persuasion. Powerful and practical models and methodologies are brought to life through application to real business situations.

Key Topics:

  • Face to face engagement
  • Building rapport
  • Questioning techniques
  • "Trialling" options collaboratively with customers
  • Presenting value-based solutions as a result of the discovery session


  • Understand personal thinking and communication preferences
  • Take a more proactive approach to influencing client behaviours and attitudes
  • Harness the power of non-verbal communication in meetings/negotiations
  • Recognise what creates value to different clients- beyond the dollar
  • Work more effectively and openly as a team
  • Save time planning meetings and communication
  • Easily gain customer approval on costs using "a feather not a hammer" approach
  • Use a "language" to quickly recognise, analyse and communicate client preference to a team
  • Set objectives that focus meetings and provide you with winning outcomes every time

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