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WHAT WE DO: skills training

Presentation Skills Training

Customer Centric selling


Whole-Brain Discovery

Participants discover the connection between their thinking preference, the types of questions they are likely to ask and, more importantly, the types of questions that they are least likely to ask. Recognition of these preferences helps participants develop a more holistic/"whole-brain" approach to questioning which, in-turn, provides a deeper understanding of a customer's needs.

Effective discovery deconstructed

Participants are introduced to a 12-year behavioural-based research study of 35,000 solution-focused business meetings in 24 different countries. The research focused on answering the question: "What is it that successful business people do that makes them more productive and persuasive?"


Using the Movéo Discovery Planner participants develop questions that focus on uncovering and developing needs, creating urgency and extracting information that can be used to develop more persuasive solutions. Participants also "trial" ideas and solutions before they are proposed.

SOCIT - The Discovery Model

Participants put methodology into practice using an easily recalled, visually based, five stage "GAP" probing planner called "SOCIT". The planner allows the communicator to interpret and deliver questions in their own words and style, while still achieving the desired outcomes.

Delivery is verbal and non-verbal.


  • Be more aware of your questioning preferences and style
  • Develop more persuasive proposals/value propositions
  • Be perceived more as a "trusted advisor"
  • Uncover, understand and develop customer/prospect needs in less time
  • Reduce the decision-making time by increasing urgency
  • Gain commitment to ideas before proposing them
  • Have more confidence, especially with senior and more "challenging" customers
  • Understand others better through active listening

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