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Customer Centric Business Writing Skills

In our modern information age, we are bombarded with data in verbal and visual form. We have learnt to read in 'bytes' of information; short pieces that are easily digestible and which get to the point quickly.

The way we read is changing and business writing needs to keep pace. Business writing has changed over the last 20 years. Long phrases and jargon, the 'business-ease' that was once the hallmark of business writing has seen its day. In business writing, less is most certainly more.


  • Understand how reading has changed, and learn to write accordingly
  • Learn how to overcome writer's block - the bane of all business writers
  • Understand how to write with the reader in mind - emphatic writing
  • Executive summary writing in a nutshell
  • Re-learn the basics of punctuation and grammar
  • Understand writing as a part of the reading process
  • Learn to write a persuasive tender document
  • Learn the basics of formatting a report


  • Begin to write in an active voice - a more persuasive and concise way of writing
  • Use the 'PWEF' formula to improve the direction of your writing
  • Use a 'mind-map' to help plan your writing
  • Be better able to edit and evaluate your work

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