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WHAT WE DO : Consulting

Movéo consults to organisational leaders, senior business teams and sales professionals on all aspects of business transformation and strategy.

  • Business Strategy Facilitation
  • Bid management training and specific bid/ pitch consulting
  • HR initiatives
  • Conferences/ speaking engagements

Business strategy facilitation

We facilitate Business Strategic planning sessions in small groups or for large conferences

  • Help establish strategic business objectives, key initiatives and implementation
  • Facilitate vision, mission and values statements
  • Develop graphic visual game plans to execute
  • Create Business Need Scorecards to monitor both tangible and intangible goals
  • Assist with the implementation of evolving systems/processes
  • Create, measure and monitor intangible key business strategic indicators online
  • Help develop collaborative value propositions
  • Facilitate Appreciative Inquiry - build on the positive business success stories and strengths
  • Winning and growing business development strategy

HR initiatives

  • Performance management and systems implementation
  • Organisational development
  • Employee orientation, development and training
  • Company employee communication

Win complex major bids

We assist with bid strategy, face-to-face meetings and final oral presentations in order to win the bid


  • Speaking engagementsv
  • Sales conferences
  • Ethics
  • Values-based leadership
  • Valuing diversity
  • One goal/one team (mergers/acquisitions)

Chris Blampied has acquired over 24 years experience, spanning three continents speaking to organisations and individuals on topics such as:

  • How to attract, engage and retain the best employees
  • How to create a business strategy that employees want to deliver
  • Diversity - How to find it and value it
  • Handling and harnessing creative abrasion for maximum impact
  • Winning the bid persuasively
  • Customer centric sales to influence and gain loyalty
  • Harnessing the positive aspects of your business
  • Take over or merger, how to embrace the future
  • Networking to leverage your potential
  • Speaking on your feet

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