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Advanced Tender Writing Skills

The second stage of the business writing schedule includes not only more in-depth tender/proposal writing, but the voice of "proposal readers" from both government and private sector.

We have previously run this workshop for IT companies who enjoy terminology that is not necessarily customer friendly. We engage a number of highly technical people to write the submission in chunks with minimal thought given to:

  • Strategic sales plan
  • Key themes
  • Compelling value based messages

While it's important to be familiar with the realities of proposal writing, knowing the perspective of the readers - the final arbiters of the tender process, is vital. Like any sales process, it's important to understand the minds of your buyers.

We ensure a consistent theme is created, flow and structure is easily navigated and key messages are highly persuasive and engaging for the customer.

The guest speakers will cover:

  • The process for both private and public sector decision making
  • What they consider makes for a good overall tender document
  • How much pre-submission contact is too much?
  • Their view of "plain English" and what constitutes solid writing
  • The use of attachments and extra documentation
  • How much detail is too much?
  • The legalities and constraints of their decision making
  • Your questions on the day

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