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Presentation Skills Training

Advanced Presentation Skills - To influence and persuade


This workshop is for individuals who present on a regular basis, or have attended Presentation Skills workshops previously and wish to increase their overall delivery skills, presence, confidence and ability to adapt to the listener's preference.

The workshop assumes individuals have the competencies to deliver their messages with a strong business focus, have analysed their audience and structured their communications to stay on purpose.

The workshop focuses on engaging the audience via storytelling, analogies and hypothetical examples. We will show you how to use a variety of delivery skills including movement, body language, and voice to create high intention, drama, excitement and above all anticipation and memorable communications.


  • Understand the use of body language to create the right mood and tone
  • Be flexible to adapt style and stories, based on the listener's communication preferences and business requirements
  • Increase your levels of confidence when story telling
  • Work the room through purposeful planned movement, meaningful gestures and highly persuasive memorable words
  • Modulate, pause and pace your voice for dramatic effects
  • Learn the use of active voice for impact
  • Create stories that build emotional intimacy and have the greater potential for business partnership
  • Structure your communication through storyboards that create visual impact and reduce 'Death by PowerPoint'
  • Harness pre-presentation nerves
  • Engage and persuade audiences of all sizes and types

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