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Meiron Lees


Meiron has spent most of his life dedicated to the study of human behaviour and inspiration from both corporate and personal perspectives.

This passion has inspired him to develop training, coaching and mentoring programmes that assist organisations in the areas of Sales, Leadership, Culture, Organisational Effectiveness and Stress Management. They are specifically designed to increase the profitability of an organisation by effectively aligning people to the various aspects of their work experience. Meiron incorporates the latest research and leading edge strategies in his training and consulting programs.

In 1991, he became a Director of Lees, Arbeter and Associates, his own financial planning company, in South Africa. Having spent over 11 years as a consultant in the Financial Planning industry, Meiron gained the knowledge and experience to develop and train his own Sales Mastery program. To date, over 3000 consultants, managers and business owners have participated in his program. He has worked extensively with the Liberty Group in South Africa and more recently with Oporto, Hotel Groups and the Australian Financial Planning Association.

In 2002 he founded the Institute of Human and Corporate Transformation.

Meiron believes that synergising his financial background and experience together with his understanding of human behaviour makes his approach to leadership coaching unique and highly effective.

He is a member of The Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD), The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and The International Coach Federation (ICF).

Meiron's passions extend beyond the corporate arena where he studied Reiki (an ancient Eastern healing technique) and became a Reiki Master in 1999. He treats patients and runs workshops teaching this technique to others. He also teaches meditation to executives as an effective method to reduce stress.

Meiron holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree.

He is a strategic alliance partner of Movéo and an accredited facilitator for Movéo programmes.

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