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Emma Weber


Emma is committed to improving the effectiveness of training in today's corporate environment.

She supports organisations current training processes through "Turning Learning into Action".

The programme was developed when, working as a coach, Emma realised the benefits a behavioural change programme could bring to in house corporate training programmes.

In 2004, Vivat was a finalist in the AITD (Australian Institute of Training and Development) national awards in the category "innovation in learning".

Emma transitioned into coaching, inspired by the results she achieved while coaching senior executives as a management consultant in the UK. Her initial passion for coaching developed while she was in a leadership position for a UK blue chip retailer. Trained as a manager, she coached her team and exceeded all performance expectations. This became a benchmark within her company and was instrumental in driving the business forward.

Emma developed the "Turning Learning into Action" methodology using her knowledge of coaching and her enthusiasm for making a difference to corporate results. She is driven to help companies achieve improvements to the bottom line.

Emma is a strategic alliance partner of Movéo and an accredited facilitator for Movéo programmes.

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