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TOOLS : CTT Corporate Transformation Tools

Values based merger compatability assessment

What is it?

The "Corporate Values Assessment" can be used to prepare a "Cultural Due Diligence" report. Culture Assessments are carried out for each company involved in a merger or acquisition using a common template of values. The Personal, Current Culture and Desired Culture values of the two organisations are compared to determine the similarities and differences between the two cultures. A compatibility assessment report is produced to highlight the key issues that should be addressed in implementing the cultural aspect of the merger.

What can I use it for?

  • Establish cultural due diligence prior to merger/acquisition finalisation
  • Highlight potential conflict areas due to non-compatibility of people, systems, processes or operations
  • Demonstrate alignment of diverse teams/business units/leadership groups


  • A values map of the merging organisations cultures demonstrated by gender, age, regional disbursement, demographics etc
  • Alignment to move forward
  • A cultural change programme to be implemented prior to merger finalisation to narrow the value gaps

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