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TOOLS : CTT Corporate Transformation Tools

Team values assessment audit

What is it?

The "Team Values Assessment" is used to map the values and measure the consciousness of small groups or teams. The assessment instrument measures the degree of alignment between team members perception of the "Current and Desired Culture" values, and between the team members" "Personal and Current Culture values. It also measures the level of cultural entropy. The alignment of the Current Culture with the team's espoused values can also be measured. The results are plotted against the framework of the Seven Levels of Personal and Organisational Consciousness. Individual plots for each team member can be provided.

What can I use it for?

  • Support leaders in building values-driven organisations
  • Design, implement and monitor cultural transformation programmes
  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Define the best set of core values
  • Create leadership development programmes


  • Helps individuals/business/units/teams understand blind spots and development areas based on values/behaviours
  • Gains agreement on guiding principles to demonstrate desired values behaviours
  • Aligns strategic objectives/key initiatives with personal values and motivators
  • Increases productivity, motivation and accountability towards goals

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