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Richard Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT)

What is it?

It is widely recognised that the success of an organisation is intimately linked to the strength of the culture and the ability of an organisation to attract and retain talented people. Who you are and the values you live by are becoming the most important criteria for success.

The ‘Seven Levels of Consciousness’ model provides an ideal way of mapping the values of an organisation’s culture to determine what is working and not working, and to monitor progress towards achieving full-spectrum values sustainability. The ‘Cultural Transformation Tools’ (CTT) assessment instruments are based on the Seven Levels of Consciousness model. This model is an adaptation and extension of Maslow’s model of the Hierarchy of Human Needs.

The ‘Corporate Values Assessment’ is used to measure the consciousness and map the values of the overall organisation as well as different staff levels, business units, locations or regions. The Corporate Values Assessment can be used in small, medium and large organisations. The results are plotted against the framework of the Seven Levels of Personal and Organisational Consciousness.

What can I use it for?

  • Support leaders in building values-driven organisations
  • Design, implement and monitor cultural transformation programmes
  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Identify cultural strengths and gaps
  • Define the best set of core values
  • Create leadership training development programmes
  • Increase creativity and commitment
  • Determine the organisation’s current and desired cultural values


  • Align individual employees with the desired cultural vision
  • Help individuals/business units/teams understand blind spots and development areas based on values/behaviours
  • Gain agreement on guiding principles to demonstrate desired value/behaviours
  • Identify any challenging departments/teams that are not aligned with the organisation

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