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TOOLS : Human Synergistics (LSI)

Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI)

The LSI is a validated survey that enables people to take a close, revealing look at themselves. LSI measures patterns of thinking and behaviour corresponding to the 12 styles on the "Circumplex". Participants are provided with a "picture" of the ways in which they approach their work and interact with others. The LSI provides people with insightful and otherwise unavailable information on their thinking and behavioural styles - information that can be used for self discovery, self monitoring, and self development. It provides feedback on thinking patterns that are constructive and productive as well as those that are defensive and counter-productive.

What can I use it for?

  • Promoting self-understanding and guiding self-development.
  • Improving capabilities as a team member or individual contributor.
  • Providing feedback for stress management programmes.
  • Strengthening organisations by enhancing individual effectiveness.
  • Initiating self-development efforts by organisational members regardless of their level in the hierarchy, functional specialisation, or tenure with the organisation.
  • Sharpening interpersonal skills by enabling people to recognise and redirect defensive behaviours, as well as strengthening behaviours that enhance communication and improve relationships.
  • Increasing productivity through self-awareness.
  • Enabling people to change their behaviour so that they accomplish tasks more effectively and efficiently.


Increased individual effectiveness including:

  • Increase quality of interpersonal relationships.
  • Improve openness to feedback.
  • Practical, results-oriented recommendations to help individuals build on strengths and improve areas needing development
  • A comprehensive, easy-to-use action plan for setting development goals and the strategies for achieving them.
  • A continuous development system with re-testing capability built right into the process.

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