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Business Need Scorecard (BNS)

The "Business Need Scorecard" is an expansion of the four categories of the Balanced Scorecard developed by Kaplan and Norton. It views the data from the values assessment through a business lens by mapping the organisation's top current and desired culture values against six business categories. It is used as a diagnostic tool to identify where the organisation is currently focusing its energies, and where the people would like the company to focus its energies. It shows the distribution of the top positive and potentially limiting values.

The first three categories of the Business Need Scorecard cover the areas of business that an organisation traditionally measures. They represent the "hard stuff" - the front line needs. They are relatively easy to measure. They are called the tangibles. Every business needs to pay attention to these areas in order to survive.

They are:

  • Finance
  • Client Relations
  • Fitness

The next three categories represent the "soft stuff." These are the areas that support the front-line needs. In the 21st century, the "soft stuff" is destined to become the principal arena for determining competitive advantage. They are called the intangibles and are less easy to measure.

They are:

  • Evolution
  • Culture
  • Societal Contribution

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