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TOOLS : Australian Values Inventory (AVI)

What is it?

The "AVI Questionnaire" is designed to enable people to take an inventory of their values out of a set of 125. The list of 125 universal values was identified by a team of international researchers through a process of looking for emotionally charged words in the language of many cultures.

The AVI Questionnaire is based on the original 77 set of questions developed by Hall and Tonna (The Hall Tonna Inventory of Values). The validation on this original questionnaire involved a team of people who had to match the values statements with the values definitions. Behaviordyne (a reputable psychological testing organisation in California) supervised the process.

What can I use it for?

  • To become self-knowing and to understand why you make certain decisions/choices in your life.
  • To acknowledge the inner turmoil - when your life is not synchronised with your true values.
  • To make a clear decision to become an authentic leader.


  • Consciously understand the principles that guide you.
  • Make value aligned choices daily.
  • Demonstrate your explicit values clearly in all words and actions.
  • Communicate values clearly in a business environment to command greater presence and leadership.

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