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TOOLS : Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Philosophy to create high-performance, sustainable cultures


  • Valuing the act of recognising the best in people or the world around us; affirming past and present strengths, successes and potentials; to perceive these things that give life (healthy, vitality, excellence) to living systems.
  • To increase in value.


  • The act of exploration and discovery.
  • To ask questions, to be open to seeing new potentials and possibilities.

Appreciative Inquiry is a process used both in business facilitation sessions, conferences and focus groups which asks "What's working around here?". It is the study and exploration of what gives life to human systems/connections when they are functioning at their best. From the best, of what is and has been, the possible future - what could be - is created.

Because this possibility is grounded in reality, people have both the ability to repeat past successes and the energy to move toward the new future. This approach to organisational change is based on the assumption that questions and dialogue about strengths, successes, values, hopes and dreams are themselves transformational.

Appreciative Inquiry provides a way to harness the energy of the people within the organisation to lead the very change they need to make. Hallmarks of Appreciative Inquiry initiatives are energy, enthusiasm, collaboration and innovative new ways of working that come from the system itself.

Individuals are exposed to interviewing techniques to only ask positively framed questions and seek out true achievements and success stories using positive psychology.

Appreciative Inquiry urges us to re-discover and organise good in organisations rather than focusing purely on the problem solving.

We believe that a problem solving mentality only finds more problems.

We believe people and organisations are not broken clocks that need to be fixed, we believe they may need a behavioural, attitudinal or a deeper belief shift to appreciate their own positive qualities and to acknowledge the concept of "what if" (imagination).

We believe if you peel back individuals true potential, motivation is unleashed.

Through Appreciative Inquiry we search for the best in people and their organisations.
Source: Appreciative Inquiry. Re-thinking Human organisations towards a positive theory of change

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