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Sales training:
"I would like to congratulate you for the excellent work you have been doing with the Adobe Asia Pacific team over the last few years; especially the recent training and coaching you ran in Singapore and Sydney with our sales people, resellers and management. I recently had the opportunity to see the Australian team in action at our conference and can honestly say that I saw significant behavioural improvement in everyone who participated in the workshops, even though the last workshop was run more than two months ago. Especially gratifying was seeing the leaps that one of our less experienced people has made following the workshop. Daniel, won the sales presentation 'shoot-out' hands down to the surprise and delight of his colleagues and myself. He has since been promoted and is doing very well in his new sales position. I look forward to continuing working with you in the near future."

Craig Tegel, Managing Director

Sales training:
"Helped us to develop closer relationships with both clients and suppliers; and to assist us in building 'expectations' more reasonably. Improved staff skills, encouraged our people to be more proactive in dealings and more confident using a planned approach."

Steve Lardner, Executive Director
Aon Australia

Sales Training:
"The work I am currently doing internally trying to help our brokers be better client relationship managers for Aon's Corporate clients is proving very interesting, particularly as we grapple with their heavily biased analytical (Blue/Green) nature and subtly try to get them realise the benefits of developing some skills in the Red zone. I must say we are starting to get some real traction in the area of effective teamwork as those with the imaginative/holistic skills are no longer seen as "weird" but rather as key contributors to identifying and meeting client expectations. This work has also given me ample opportunity to hone my presentation (and persuasion) skills along the way."

Ross Castle, Segment Leader - Business Solutions
Aon Australia

Presentation skills training:
"Thanks for conducting the course in Canberra last week; again I have had terrific feedback. It is interesting to see how positive people can become after three days - now to keep it harnessed!"

Craig Martin, Regional Manager NSW
Aon Australia

"I would like to add that following the merger process, Chris and the Movéo team have been providing purpose built modular training programs to up-skill key R&D managers in Arana. The training program, which involves staff from Melbourne and Sydney sites, is ongoing.

Modules undertaken so far have been well received by staff and have enhanced staff development, including via post merger team building.

We have been pleased with our interactions with Chris and the Movéo team thus far and look forward to their future contributions.

Phil Jennings PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Arana Therapeutics Limited

Leadership training:
"Thank you again for the excellent day you've given us on Tuesday. For a session where there are 10 randomly selected people in the room, especially as they were for the most part unknown to you, this was as good of an introduction, overview and help as I would wish to get from such a one day course. Other people would waste weeks and achieve less. I am looking forward to future installments. The simplicity of the HBDI language is it's strength, as people will be able to remember not only themselves but others as well."

Vincent Batori
Project Leader
Arana Therapeutics

Cultural change programmes:
"The creation of Arana Therapeutics (formed from the merger of Peptech and Evogenix) has been a great success. Chris and the Movéo team did a great job in ensuring a smooth transition during our integration and significantly aided our strategy planning process."

John Chiplin, CEO
Arana Therapeutics Limited

Presentation skills training:
"Chris is a clear communicator and spoke clearly and specifically to the topic at hand. The team rated Chris an average of 9.1 out of a possible 10."

Avis Sales Team

"As Managing Director at Business Objects for Australia and New Zealand I have used the skills and services of Chris Blampied at Moveo on a number of occasions.

Our strategy was to ensure that we got all 150 employees working closely together in a an environment of rapid and significant change. Chris ran a company wide programme based on the HBDI methodology which was very successful at achieving our targeted results

Chris also helped me to develop the operational effectiveness of the direct reports in my leadership team

I can highly recommmend Chris Blampied"

Rob Wells
Vice President & Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand
Business Objects, an SAP Company

Sales training:
"I have used the profile to consciously and actively expand into those areas in which I was least comfortable. The focus for me was on nurturing long term vision, concepts and new ideas."

Roger Bendrien
Former, Sales Manager

Sales training:
"I have been using HBDI to better understand and share knowledge about our clients. It has become a standard language that we use to quickly describe organizations and clients so that we have a standard understanding of how we communicate with them. I use it to set the style of presentations and documents to make sure that I engage the customer more effectively."

Ian Nelson
Pre-Sales Consultant

Sales training:
"Upon commencing with PeopleSoft in 2003, a key measure of my success was to create a sales focused culture across the Presales/Solution consulting team. This encompassed a heightening of customer facing competencies, developing an ability to uncover strategic business needs combined with supporting and enabling the sales team in the customer engagement cycle with the additional need to identify incremental revenue opportunities. Chris Blampied, now director of Movéo, was key in helping us develop, deliver and embed a thorough and comprehensive programme of transformation for the sales team (which included Presales, Sales and Services), working consistently with PeopleSoft for well over 18 months. She was also instrumental in the integration of our strategic selling methodology "Strategy: The Art of Winning" into the softer aspects of selling which encompassed questioning, presentation and proposal development skills, ensuring our customer facing interactions focused on the needs of the customers and not only on our 'technology' advantage.

In my new role at Computer Associates, I continue to engage Chris and her team at Movéo. Her insight into our business and the manner in which the market requires us to engage and interact with our customers is without doubt unique and of priceless value. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris as contributor of value in her areas of expertise."

Richard Batka, Director Solutions (Pre-Sales) Pacific, CA
(Previously Director, Solutions Consulting PeopleSoft ANZ)

"The customer centric training session provided by Chris Blampied from Movéo was very refreshing. Lots of practical application, active involvement from all participants. The whole team really learned a lot, and has been able to apply the knowledge back on the job."

Markus Hoffmann
President & Managing Director
CAS Asia Pacific

"During the business strategy sessions facilitated by Chris Blampied from Movéo, my sales teams were taken through a journey that culminated in a roadmap for future success. Chris's expertise, enthusiasm and energy enabled the team to get through more work than I would have thought possible in the time we had.

Furthermore, the follow up and regular prodding from Movéo ensured we didn't stray far from the plan."

Simon Harris
Head of National Accounts
Advice Distribution

Sales training:
"Thank you for the great work Movéo has been doing for the Crown Castle sales and fulfillment teams over the past year. Movéo has delivered not only training, but a new level of awareness of our customers' needs and the way in which we interact with them. The critical skills of understanding the people you deal with, and what motivates them is invaluable in the sales environment and ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction levels and better business performance. Movéo's ability to understand our business and our customers' needs has made the training so much more effective, and has created more value in the contribution you have been able to make to our business overall. Not only have these concepts helped us in our relationships with our customers, but have made our communications more effective within the sales team and improved our interactions with other groups within the company."

Roger Hawke
Director, Sales & Customer Operations
Crown Castle International
Now - Managing Director

Presentation skills training:
"I recently completed the Customer Centric Engagement course run by Movéo and Chris Blampied. The course was a great mix of conceptual and practical applications in approaching business relationships. The framework offered by the course enables one to approach meeting customers with confidence through a range of preparation techniques that are very user friendly and psychologically sound. A course that is highly recommended."

Michael Gwynne, Property Solutions Specialist
Crown Castle International

"Everyone enjoyed the session you facilitated and commented on it being fun and having a really positive message to take away. Thank you for all the work you did to give us every thing we were looking for in the day... Chris was a fantastic fit for the company."

Sonja Osborne

"Chris is all about managing and affecting individual buy-in, quite a talent given the number of participants and the diversity of focus and personality. Delivering against her commercial brief, Chris ensured that our people left the event believing in a future that they themselves could shape, with shared tangible goals. I cannot speak highly enough of her."

Mark Rizzuto, General Manager

Presentation skills:
"I think it was great value. There has been lots of colourful language in the office, so I think we have all got the hang of HBDI. Clinton has prepared a cracker of a presentation for a conference he's attending next week great creative grab. Many thanks for your help."

David Chenu
Marketing Director
Horticulcture Australia Limited

Cultural change programme:
"Understanding what motivates people and why they behave the way they do is a prerequisite to a good company becoming great. The team has demonstrated they have the unique ability to help organisations delve below the surface to better understand their people so that management vision can be aligned with employee values.

We have worked closely with the team - and will continue to do so - as we seek to build a first class business in a highly competitive environment - with the ultimate objective of becoming a firm that stands apart from others." "Partner, not just a supplier." "Trust them implicitly."

Chris Gray, Managing Director
ICON International Communications

Presentation skills training:
"I've used HBDI and the presentation skills course SO much in the last 3 months that I wonder what I ever did without it."

Kari Adams, PeopleSoft
(Now 'Oracle')

Sales training:
"Approach discovery, meetings and interactions with clients more productively by utilising the tools of HBDI and SOCIT."

Kimberley Pilcik, PeopleSoft
(Now 'Oracle')

Presentation skills:
"Definitely gave the presentation a more polished look and we benefited from a third party going through it. Working with you helped me to develop the presentation for 5 other countries, in 3 languages by using a common frame work."

Sophie Baldwin
Program Director - Industries
Oracle Asia Pacific

Cultural change programme:
"For the past 4 years Movéo have worked with PeopleSoft internationally, with their sales force, marketing department and senior executive team. Some of the programmes run include: Persuasive Presenting, Art of Investigation, Business Writing, Tender development. They have also assisted on pitches, facilitated major strategic alliance opportunities and national sales conferences. We used Alchemy to look at the culture, values and competencies of the Australian Operation and they are an integrated part of the business."

Managing Director, PeopleSoft ANZ
(Now 'Oracle')

Leadership coaching and communication workshops:
"The APAC team has derived real benefit from the leadership skills and effective communication workshops. By understanding people's communication styles and deploying effective communication tools we have been able to work more effectively as a team. People now embrace the different communication styles and skills set of others and work together in a cooperative manner to compliment each other. Major projects have been executed smoothly through collaboration and effective communications. As the Director of the team I see various individuals proactively taking the lead on programs where they have best skills for the task and sharing information across their peers. I've also noticed the Managers on the team paying more attention to coaching and mentoring the younger members on the team. They now see this as a key part of their role and allocate more time to personnel management and development. We have all been very inspired by the outcomes and look forward to continuing our development through future workshops."

Marketing Director, PeopleSoft ANZ
(Now 'Oracle')

Sales training:
"Making me think "hard" about my end game/message. Excellent approach."

Jason Laing, Solution Consultant - Presales
PeopleSoft NZ
(Now 'Oracle')

Sales training:
"HBDI and the opportunity it gives me to 'learn' my audience for better, targeted, persuasive selling"

Sean Toohey, PeopleSoft
Pre Sales Consultant
(Now 'Oracle')

"Chris has shown exceptional facilitating skill for PwC enabling large teams to efficiently brainstorm and develop valued ideas for PwC's clients. Chris has brought some ingenious insights into helping people work to their best capacities. Chris recently coached a team for a high stakes presentation and brought a sharp mind and relentless focus to push the team to its best. The result was one of our most satisfying wins this year (can't mention the client)."

Chris Beer, Director Proposal Specialist Team

Pitch management:
"I am very grateful for the support and insights that you provided during our presentation rehearsals. From what I saw you added some real value. You may be aware that we heard this morning we won the work so we are obviously delighted. I hope we have the chance to work again together."

Mark Johnson, Partner
PricewaterhouseCoopers ANZ

Presentation skills training:
"We have been fortunate to have Movéo work with our team in a number of businesses critical areas such as presentation skills, sales skill and pitch preparation and rehearsals. Movéo has been able to affect change of behaviour and improvement of skills through practical, fun and leading edge workshops to our diverse sales and investment teams. Chris has the ability to smoothly guide the sessions with charm, wit and insightful knowledge that has hit the right blend of theory and practical exercises. I would recommend Chris and the Movéo team to any highly discerning organisation looking to increase their effectiveness in presentation and sales skills, as our results have been outstanding as a result of their work with us."

Alex Francois Managing Director, Institutional Sales & Marketing Principal Global Investors Australia Ltd

Presentation skills:
"This is probably the best presentation course I have attended (I've done four) and will certainly be valuable and effective."

Education Account Manager

Presentation skills training:
"HBDI provided a good insight into our personal thinking profiles. Understanding the client more, strategies of being a helper/provider rather than a seller. Being video (taped) is an excellent tool to use when observing yourself. Excellent interaction between Chris and group."

Nick Abrahams, Sales Representative
Network Seven Australia

Sales training:
"I have undertaken a number of courses facilitated by Chris and can highly recommend the services provided. The new skills and knowledge acquired by the team and I have been professionally and personally rewarding, suffice to say I do not think we would have achieved our strategic goals and ambitions without her expert guidance. If more information is required I would be more then happy to discuss the value and course outcomes we achieved that have helped us to be consistently successfully at what we do."

Heidi Brala, Manager,
JAPAC IT Helpdesk Information Technology
Symantec Corporation


Leadership executive coaching:
"During the past 3 years, Movéo has made a significant impact on our business, both in terms of our people's development and strategic initiatives.

Movéo coach a number of our senior sales and functional managers to increase their ability to win deals, to negotiate more effectively and to influence their internal and external stakeholders. They have also run our Asia Pac sales conferences to align global strategy with the regions bottom line results, not an easy task with the cultural diversity of the region and the inherit language barriers.

Chris Blampied has the ability to reach beneath the sales person's facade, to fully understand how they tick and greatly assist their confidence and sales impact ability.

Movéo's customer centric focus doesn't just apply to their training; they really do 'walk the talk', continually inquiring into how they can assist the business best.

I have no hesitation in recommending Chris Blampied and the Movéo team to deliver on their promise, you can trust them implicitly."

Craig Tegel, Managing Director
Adobe Asia Pac

Leadership executive coaching programme:
"It was a delight working with you over the last year as we worked through developing my Leadership Skills as well as areas of Personal and Professional Development. It was an enriching experience for me which will likely continue to have an impact on my life in the many years to come. I found the content relevant, compelling, and in fact, very intriguing. I've learnt that nurturing is a series of ongoing developmental exercises, and while I still have much to work on, the ongoing skills development practices have been effective in changing my working thoughts, views, habits and expectations. I feel that I am more aware of myself in my profession and at the same time, very focused on the world around me. On a personal level, I have gained a clearer perspective of my goals and have learnt that even strengths need to be reinforced every so often. Progress is vital and the learning experience must never cease. One must continue to move the targets, and move them in the right direction. Content and personal growth aside, it was your professionalism, your personal approach to coaching, and most of all your patience, that has made this a wonderful experience. Your guidance and support have been pivotal to all I have gained. I would highly recommend this experience to every successful person who is not afraid to look in the mirror and say to themselves "I can be better!"

Raymond Lee, South East Asia Group Manager
Adobe Systems
Now - Sales Director, Asia-Adobe Systems

"Since meeting Chris I have always been impressed by her enthusiasm, her commitment to excellence and her enormous power to empathise. She is clear, concise, exceeds customer expectations and above all is a pleasure to deal with."

Paul Stephens
Manager, Corporate Business
Adobe Systems Pty Ltd, Singapore

Leadership Coaching:
"Since meeting Chris I have always been impressed by her enthusiasm, her commitment to excellence and her enormous power to empathise. She is clear, concise, exceeds customer expectations and above all is a pleasure to deal with."

Andrew Fairweather, Manager NSW/ACT
AMP Financial Services

"I have been in sales and marketing in the financial services industry for over 12 years and recognised the need for fundamental changes to my thinking and approach to work/life issues. I had never contemplated a course or coaching program since I have been skeptical about these things for a long time.

Without knowing where Chris's program would start or finish, I embarked on a thorough assessment of my goals and myself. The approach taken by Chris is refreshingly honest and devoid of all of the hype associated with the self-help industry. I found that the course explained the reasons why we experience 'restless thoughts' and inner conflict and how to go about reconciling them so as to harness personal creativity towards your individual goal(s).

To all those wary people who thought they've heard it all before at countless seminars and training programs, I would say that you should give serious consideration to commencing an executive coaching session with Movéo. I guarantee that it will improve you professionally and personally in a way that is completely in keeping with your goals and aspirations."

Brendan Shannan, State Manager, W.A.
AMP Adviser Services

Leadership executive coaching:
"During my time as VP Sales CA Australia, I had the pleasure of using Chris in a one-on-one coaching, meeting facilitation and group events. Chris excelled in all these environments, bringing to the table a unique ability to understand you personally and also the business issues at hand. Chris is an excellent business and personal coach, as well as a dynamic and accomplished speaker in front of many hundreds of people. It is Chris' dynamic, bubbly and informed personality that takes you out of your "day-to-day" thinking mode and she challenges you to think more laterally and from a different perspective to what you normally do. Chris has mastered numerous toolsets that help you better understand yourself, your style and strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your teams. Using these together with her personal style, guarantees effective results in the areas of corporate change, personal challenges, team dynamics and large group events. Chris is one of the best business and personal coaches in the market."

Brenton Smith, Sales Director, Australia & New Zealand
CA (Pacific)
Now - Managing Director of CA Australia and NZ
CA (Pacific)

Leadership Coaching:
"As is so often the case, it is difficult to see the wood from the trees when you are in the midst of a forest and we rarely take the time to look around and truly reflect on the world around us or our interaction with that world. Your coaching sessions provided me with the opportunity and skills to stop and reflect, to determine what really mattered to me and to focus on building my life and career around my priorities rather than allowing priorities to be imposed on me by my environment. The coaching process whilst initially confronting and yet another commitment of valuable time, was ultimately very rewarding for me and has significantly changed my life. I can honestly say, that 12 months after finishing your program, I have never been more satisfied with my life, and have never had so many new goals in both my private and business lives. I feel more competent as a leader, I have a new role, I have improved relationships with my wife and children, I am leaner and fitter and developing new social and business networks. I am also thinking more deeply about the things that really matter to me. None of these things have happened by accident, they are a result of a very successful partnership through the coaching process and I thank you for leading that process over the first 12 months. Now the rest is up to me.!"

Roger Hawke
Sales Director
Crown Castle International
Director, Sales & Customer Operations - Crown Castle International

Leadership executive coaching programme:
"When initially selected for the accelerated leadership coaching programme within PWC, I was somewhat skeptical regarding what real, relevant commercial outcomes a business coach could deliver. Thankfully, Movéo's leadership coaching programme proved both valuable and from my career perspective, timely. With a combination of business leadership development and enhancing self awareness, Chris Blampied ensures you stay on track and helps motivate you to achieve what seems like unachievable goals."

Julie Coates, Partner
Performance Improvement

"Thank you Chris for your input, support and encouragement while I have been involved in the Leadership Coaching Programme.

This high quality learning experience has had a powerful and positive impact on me, I know that utilising these skills continues to develop me as a more effective leader. Not only has this programme improved my leadership skills, but it has also provided a solid platform for personal growth. I have gained a lot of insight and this in turn has meant the future is clearer than ever before!"

Erika O'Donnell
Business Unit Manager Surgical

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